Swimming milestone!

At last! I have reached the final milestone towards my Ironman preparation. I have just managed to do a nonstop 3.8 km swim! Although this was in an outdoor salt water pool, swimming is by far my weakest discipline (and most worried about). But at least now I’ll have the confidence that I have done the distance before, albeit in non-racing conditions.

Although I did not struggle to do the distance, towards the end I had a tender neck. This was due to chaffing from my wetsuit’s collar, which ill remedy by slapping Vaseline on my neck before swimming. My neck also got sunburn, as I ended up doing the swim out in the mid day sun. My mouth was quite dry after the event, presumably from unintentionally swallowing the salt water. I imagine that come race day, most of these problems won’t surface, as Lake Taupo is fresh water and the swim starts at 7 am. On the flip side, I’ll be surrounded by a heap of other swimmers and being hit in the face is something I’ll need to be able to cope with!

Thieves at Parnell Pools

Something unfortunate happened today. My phone got stolen!

I was at Parnell pools which is a popular public outdoor swimming pool. Many of the triathletes and open water swimmers train there as the pool is about 60 m long and is salt water with minimal chlorination (so it won’t damage your wetsuit). I had left my phone in my pool bag on one of the benches beside the pool. The rank thief must have ventured into my bag and left with my phone. Not happy about this! At least they didn’t take my wallet or any of the cash in it. Now that would have really pissed me off.

So the hard lesson of today is not to leave any valuables unattended at public places. From now on I’ll be taking only the $6.30 pool admission fee and leaving my wallet and phone in my car.

Today’s run

It had been a while since I last did a lengthy run so I decided to go for a 30 km one this morning. No problems despite last week’s antics (the Taupo Enduro). Got sore legs in the last 10 km. I guess I’ve yet to fully recover and next run will be shorter to give my legs adequate time to recover.