Saturday’s new ritual?

I may have found this year’s Saturday ‘ritual’. You see, for more than a decade (eek!), without fail, Saturday was football. Since 11th grade, I’ve played soccer in the blistering cold, in torrential rain, in ankle-deep mud, during a stiff gale force Wellington southerly, and even — on occasion — during a pleasant sunny day! But it was not to be this year. In light of last year’s Pleurodesis (lung surgery), I have made the sensible decision and will forgo football this season.

Today many of the soccer teams up and down the country kicked off their season. It feels odd to not be part of that. Instead, fresh from completing an Ironman, I have decided to make Saturday swim across Lake Pupuke day! The aim here is to bolster my swimming ability and do something constructive on Saturday. Sure, the 1.9 km swim may not be as enjoyable as participating in 90 minutes of the world’s most beautiful game, but it’s something never the less.

This afternoon’s effort took 36:54 and went something like this:

Looks like I’ve got some navigation issues that I’ll need to work on. But today’s effort is about a minute faster than my previous one. Not that I’m going all out in either of these swims, but it I’ll be stoked if I could eventually do this swim under 30 minutes. Time will tell whether I’m able to keep up this routine, especially during winter!