VO2max test #2

I’ve agreed to be a participant in another AUT research project. Same deal as last time: get a free V02max test and perform several trials. This time they’re looking at the effect of drink temperature while cycling in hot and humid conditions.

I have just completed the first stage: the V02max test. I’m pleased to know that I am apparently fitter since my last V02max test. This time I got 61 ml/kg/min (compared to 57 ml/kg/min back in September 2012). The test protocol consisted of 5 minutes at 100W, followed by 25W increments every minute until exhaustion. I conked out just as the 425W stage ended.

While I’m chuffed that my V02max test result has improved I’m under no illusions that this metric is the be all and end all of describing fitness. It’s just one of several factors. Purely out of curiosity and completeness, here’s a table on the net showing the different fitness for males of various age groups.


Mind you, I’m not surprised that my V02max has improved since last time. A few things have happened since then: I’ve ran the Auckland Marathon, biked the Lake Taupo Challenge Enduro, swam the Taupo 5k Epic, but above all else, completed an Ironman!