Christchurch Marathon

Today I competed in the 2017 Christchurch Marathon. My official time was 2:49:46. A new personal best!

Despite the poor weather (rainy with cold Southerly winds), I also achieved my most consistent marathon pacing yet. With estimated half splits of 1:23:20 and 1:26:26, I had a positive 3 minute split. I also “hit the wall” much later than usual at this occurred at 38km / 4km from the finish. The flat course definitely helped with this!

Compared to my previous marathon, there was no issue with my nutrition. A colleague of mine recommended that I consume four gels, and that’s what I did!

From the start I took two energy gels with me. One was taken at 10km (GU, 22g CHO, 0mg CAFF) and another at 20km (GU, 22g CHO, 20mg CAFF). My third energy gel (GU, 22g CHO, 20mg CAFF) was attached to a water bottle and was picked up at the 26km aid station. I took my time consuming this gel and ended up finishing it three kilometers later! My last gel (SIS, 22g CHO, 75mg CAFF!) was consumed in a similar fashion to my third one and was picked up at the 36km aid station. However, unlike my previous three energy gels this was an “isotonic gel” and was a lot easier to swallow — especially late in the race! This was the first time I have made use of the “Special Drinks” facility and plan to use it in subsequent marathons.

I also had water or Powerade at each aid station. The night before I had a scrumptious dinner at my Grandparents place consisting of Mac and Cheese, steak casserole, steamed vegetables and an Apple Crumble! The breakfast before the race was porridge and a banana.

Race weight was between 77kg – 78kg. I ran with new running shoes (ASICS GEL Nimbus, 11US) and found the extra half size better for my foot.