Auckland Waterfront Half Marathon

Last Sunday I competed in the 2018 Auckland Waterfront Half Marathon. My official race time was 1:16:43. This was a great result for me: I managed to slash 3 minutes from my previous best (PB) half marathon!

The Auckland Waterfront Half Marathon is a new race that runs along Auckland’s Tamaki Drive. To reach the 21.1km distance a large portion of Tamaki Drive is covered twice. Unfortunately this meant that there was was a lot of other runners to negotiate around on the second loop. This also made it near impossible to pick up a cup of water at the aid stations! As a result, I did not hydrate properly during the race.

There was no wind or sea breeze. Next time I’d consider running with sunglasses, given the orientation of the course and the morning sun. It was between 15C and 18C with 75% relative humidity while I was out running. This gives a wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) between 13.3 and 16.1. According to research this was a challenging environment to achieve a PB, despite the “fast and flat” course!

Notes to self: I was 77.5kg on the day. This is about 1.5kg heavier than I was two weeks ago! I was out of the country for a week a week ago and was on an untypical diet. During the race I actively monitored my heart rate (HR) and tried to keep it below 176bpm. Despite consuming less water that I would have liked, ironically I still felt bloated for most of the second half of the race. The last four kilometers were tough and it showed in my poor posture towards the end of the race.