100 Day Run Streak

Today marks the 100th day of my run streak! I originally set out to run every day of July; suffice to say I’ve well surpassed that goal! My previous run streak was 10 days. Ten. Measly. Days!

What possible motivation is there for running every day? Wouldn’t you get too sore by running every day? If you were to run hard every day, you certainly would! Just like a lot of runners I too subscribe to the easy-hard training philosophy. I do an easy/easier run after a previous day that had a “hard” run.

Ironically, I found that running every day actually increased my ability to recover! While the two weeks of my run streak was hard, it got a lot easier as time went by. Running without a rest day hasn’t hindered my hard days.

In addition to the run streak, I set myself a number of other goals that included:

  • Run at least 100 km a week (high mileage for me!)
  • Do more marathon specific training (namely spend a lot of time at target marathon pace).

  • Add strides to the end of my easy runs.

Success on all accounts! Over the last 14 weeks, I’ve averaged 103 km/week (with a minimum of 100 km/week and maximum of 107 km/week).

Sooner or later the run streak will end. I’m happy with where it is and I’ll soon start my taper for the big race.

Here’s the highlights!