Psyching up for the Ironman

The big day is just around the corner.

It has been quite the journey so far. Started training for the IMNZ in April 2012. I came with a solid base in running and an average cycling ability, but as a well below par swimmer. I’ve dealt with my right lung collapsing several times as well as surgery to fix this. I have ran a marathon, done a 320 km bike race, and a 5 km open water swim. Soon it will be time to see how well I can put the three disciplines together!

I spent last night in Taupo. Left Auckland quite late and stayed in a dorm room last night. Had an average sleep but tonight I’ll move into a private room.

This morning I checked out the Ironman expo. It’s a great atmosphere and you can sense that everyone is rearing to go! In the afternoon I went out for a quick ride to make sure the bike is race ready and have just dropped it off, along with my transition bags. I have also attended a race strategy seminar and have picked a few useful tips.

I am excited about tomorrow but oddly my nerves are under control. I guess I know it is going to be a long day tomorrow so there’s no need to get myself too worked up. Plenty of time to live it up and soak in the atmosphere during the race!