Held up in traffic

I’m a born and raised Wellingtonian. I went to Christchurch for varsity and have recently moved up to Auckland for work. Prior to moving to the Big Smoke, others told me how they liked Auckland but hated it for its traffic problems. I live and work in the North Shore, which fortunately has traffic problems that I can cope with.

This afternoon I was in town for work, which was handy as there’s a Stroke and Stride event at Mission Bay in the evening that I’ve entered in. I left the city at around 5:15pm, thinking that there would be heaps of time to get to Mission Bay which is 8 km away, even in moderate traffic. Boy, I was wrong!

It ended up taking me close to one and a half hours to drive from the CBD to Mission Bay. Ridiculous! All of the streets in the CBD were clogged up and traffic was at a complete standstill. I later found out one crash was all it took to cause absolute mayhem in the city. I know that traffic is bad in the city, but I was flabbergasted how one crash could cause this. From today I am glad that I currently live within walking distance to work and not in the city! Otherwise, if I had to contend with the traffic, the City of Sails might be a deal-breaker.