Skin folds test #4

Yesterday I had my first skin folds test in three years! I’m now an estimated 7.2% body fat. The detailed results:

Measurement 23-Feb-14 13-April-17 % change
Weight (kg) 81.6 75.0 -8.1
Triceps sf (mm) 5.3 7.0 +32.1
Subscapular sf (mm) 9.5 7.7 -18.8
Biceps sf (mm) 3.0 2.3 -23.3
Iliac crest sf (mm) 20.5 9.8 -52.2
Supraspinale sf (mm) 11.0 7.1 -35.5
Abdominal sf (mm) 15.5 9.7 -37.4
Front thigh sf (mm) 8.3 6.8 -18.1
Medial calf sf (mm) 7.5 5.7 -24.0
Sum of 8 (mm) 80.5 55.9 -30.6
% fat (Yuhasz) 8.6 7.2 -16.3

So what’s happened since my previous skin folds test? I’ve changed my workouts from swim/bike/run to just run. However, I suspect the biggest contributor to my loss of weight (and subsequent loss in body fat) is due to the orthodontic braces I’ve been sporting for last two years!

Skin folds test #3

It has been nine months since I last had a skin folds test. Today I was (voluntarily) a “test subject” at a skin folds accreditation course. Over the four hours I was there, I was pinched and prodded with fat callipers. All in the name of getting a free skin folds test! The results:

Measurement 16-May-13 23-Feb-14 % change
Weight (kg) 80.2 81.6 +1.8
Triceps sf (mm) 8.0 5.3 -33.8
Subscapular sf (mm) 10.6 9.5 -9.4
Biceps sf (mm) 2.9 3.0 +3.5
Iliac crest sf (mm) 18.8 20.5 +9.0
Supraspinale sf (mm) 8.7 11.0 +26.4
Abdominal sf (mm) 14.2 15.5 +9.2
Front thigh sf (mm) 6.8 8.3 +9.2
Medial calf sf (mm) 5.9 7.5 +22.1
BMI 22.7 23.1 +1.8
% fat (Yuhasz) 8.4 8.6 +2.4


Skin folds test #2

A month or so ago I had a skin folds test. This is my second skin folds test, so I thought it would be interesting to see how the two compared. The results:

Measurement 16-May-13 19-October-12 % change
Weight (kg) 80.2 80.9 -0.9
Triceps sf (mm) 8.0 6.8 +17.7
Subscapular sf (mm) 10.6 11.1 -4.5
Biceps sf (mm) 2.9 3.4 -14.7
Iliac crest sf (mm) 18.8 20.3 -7.4
Supraspinale sf (mm) 8.7 9.0 -3.3
Abdominal sf (mm) 14.2 13.3 +6.8
Front thigh sf (mm) 6.8 7.4 -8.2
Medial calf sf (mm) 5.9 7.9 -25.3
BMI 22.7 22.6 +0.44
% fat (Yuhasz) 8.4 8.3 +1.2

I’m currently +1.2% fatter compared to myself 8 months ago. Much of a muchness really!


Off it comes!

I’ve been putting this off for a long time. But I have decided it is somewhat part of being a triathlete and will do it for the last month of my Ironman training. Today I shaved my legs! Although this isn’t a big deal for chicks or cyclists who routinely shave. But it took me a few days of deciding whether or not the leg hair comes off.

Originally my thoughts were to go out and buy a pair of hair clippers before cleaning up with a razor. But then I figured I would seldom use the clippers and just opted to go just with the razor. It required a couple of razors and then that was it! Once the leg hair was gone, my legs were oddly non-tanned. Perhaps shaving took off a layer of skin? It feels weird walking about without leg hairs, but I feel somewhat more belonging to the tri crowd.

Skin folds test

As part of being a participant in an AUT research project, I had a skin folds test today. It is not come as a surprise that I’m fairly lean. Today that has been quantified: I am 8.3% body fat! A summary of today’s data:

  • Triceps skin fold: 8.0 mm.
  • Subscapular skin fold: 10.6 mm.
  • Biceps skin fold: 2.9 mm.
  • Iliac crest skin fold: 18.8 mm.
  • Supraspinale skin fold: 8.7 mm.
  • Abdominal skin fold: 14.2 mm.
  • Front thigh skin fold: 6.8 mm.
  • Medial calf skin fold: 5.9 mm.

Taking into account that I weigh in at 80.9 kg and I’m 189 cm tall, using the sum of 6 skin folds (excluding the lowest (biceps) and highest (iliac crest) readings), I’m 8.3% body fat! A bunch of other measurements were taken and my Somatotype (using the Heath-Carter system) is 2.5 Endomorphy, 3.7 Mesomorphy, and 3.5 Ectomorphy. To conclude, I’m of a moderately muscular and moderately slender build with low amounts of body fat!